Hello everyone and welcome!

Recently I have put together the amazing Work it Out Community for like minded people who wanted a place to talk about various things.

Our Community is held on Discord and I have to say, it’s turned out to be an amazing place with lots of incredible people. If you would like to join us then click here.

We have challenges, a book club and lots of other channels over there so make sure to check it out, it’s free!
We would love to see you there 🙂

As you can see by the menu’s above I am keeping this space as a place to explore a variety of subjects that I am interested in and learning. And I will be writing about these subjects regularly, so keep an eye out for that.

Also, for those of you that are new here (hi btw), I just want to give you a back story about myself!

By trade I am a personal trainer, but I haven’t been working as one in around six years. I have though, still had a high interest in fitness and have stayed up to date with all the new techniques and such that has popped up in those years.
My life changed since not working as a P.T., I became mostly sedentary as I took on a desk job (sounds like a very boring name for what I do, because I do love it – I make Minecraft Youtube videos), so my fitness wasn’t my top priority unfortunately. But, this has changed recently!

Now that I have the Work it Out Community, I have been so inspired to start achieving my goals. Working out and being fit used to be something I really enjoyed, and now that I have been sedentary a while, I have really noticed it in the condition my body is now in. I want to have that fitness back!

In our Community we have timed challenges where we can help support each other, and keep each other accountable, and as I am writing now, we are doing a fitness challenge, and it’s been so helpful to me!! Having the gorgeous Community is helping me so much.

Thank you for visiting my site, I really appreciate you!

Much love,