Hello everyone and welcome to my page!

I have created this website to have an outlet for basically all that comes out of my brain, and what I feel needs to be released into the world.
If you was to ask me WHY i feel the need to bleet on about my brain innards, then I would probably say ‘gawd knows’ first, but then on thinking about it more, I would say that ‘I’m hoping that in talking about my life, things I go through, things I want to achieve, things that I may struggle with on occasions… that maybe, possibly, and hopefully,  I am able to help some of you out there’ (I hope that it does – in some way at least – if not, this can be entertainment at least!)

In terms of content that I am going to post… well you can see from the menus just above this wall of text that I am writing to you, that these are a few of my interests, and something that I have been sitting on for a while (and no, it aint just my buttocks that I have been sitting on from becoming sedentary in the past 5 years ish  – more of that in the 12 WEEK JOURNEY menu), the idea of having an outlet for my many interests, and a way of hopefully improving on my consistency when pursuing goals, dreams, and hobbies.
This whole website is here as a tool to not only help me to achieve long wanted goals, but to also show those of you, who may have a hard time with these things like I do, to realise that we aren’t alone! Anyways, this has got far to deep for a homepage discussion, we will talk more about this in the future, so make sure to stay in touch <3.

Things you can also see from looking at the menu categories above is that my main interest is in fitness and health and actually, just health in general, including mental health.

By trade I am a personal trainer, but I haven’t been working as one in around five years. I have though, still had a high interest in fitness and have stayed up to date with all the new techniques and such that has popped up in those years.
My life changed since not working as a P.T., I became mostly sedentary as I took on a desk job (sounds like a very boring name for what I do, because I do love it – I make Minecraft Youtube videos), so my fitness wasn’t my top priority anymore unfortunately. But, this is all going to change!

Recently I had a big change in my life, I moved house, moved country even!
I realised that you have to make changes in your life to get what you want, it doesn’t just fall from the sky, land on your head, knock you over and scream ‘IM HERE, READY AND WAITING’. Well, if you think about it, the goal/dream/whatever you are striving for is screaming that, but you have to work hard to get it, the result doesn’t come easily (in most cases anyway).

I have been scared of failure, scared of hard work, scared of letting people down, but not anymore! I know that I’m going to make mistakes and muck up at times, but im gona give it a good old go!

Y.O.L.O. as they say (showing my ages lol).

I look forward to you all being here with me, thank you for showing up and being amazing!

Much love,