• 90 Day Journey

    Day 2 out of 90

    Today was a bit of a weird one. I think my timings for my 90 day journey was a little off as I have been extremely busy, and have had family over, so obviously that means there is a lot of food in the house etc. Also, Day 2 I went to a wake as my boyfriend’s father had passed…

  • 90 Day Journey

    Day 1 out of 90

    Day 1 is now complete!I have decided that I will post the results of a day the day after so that I can complete the day and then review it! I think yesterday went pretty well. After actually counting calories, I now realise I have been eating far too much lol, but now at least I can start working on…

  • 90 Day Journey

    The very beginning.

    So, this is the beginning i suppose.Today I’m beginning a journey of my very own. To be honest it’s not the first time I have ever attempted this kind of thing in my life, but today I feel very different about my capabilities of achieving such a task.I have chosen 90 days as my time period to conduct such a…

  • Arcane

    Tarot love

    I have always loved Tarot cards. The thought of picking a few cards from a deck, and then those cards having the possibility to tell me my future; this was always something that I fully want to believe in.Unfortunately, I don’t believe that they can tell my future, and I don’t believe they can solely guide me towards a better…

  • Challenges

    Welcome to Challenges

    Hello everyone! In this section of my website I will be taking on challenges (most likely fitness orientated) and ask for you to join me (only if you want to of course), or just follow me to see how I get on! Make sure to come back soon, as a challenge will be starting very soon! Much love,Natalie

  • Workouts

    15 minutes HIIT Workout

    Hi everyone! Today I have for you a 15 minute workout for you that gets your whole body moving. 3 rounds of 5 exercises: Wood chop Skull crushers with crunch Wood chop 10 high knees, 10 mountain climbers Push ups with alternate single arm row Remember to warm up and cool down! Much love,Natalie

  • 90 Day Journey

    Starting soon!

    Hello everyone, I will be starting my 90 day journey on 29th July 2020. In my first post I will explain what my journey is about, but, If you also want to also take part in a journey of your own, no matter what your goal is, then let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.…