90 Day Journey

The very beginning.

So, this is the beginning i suppose.
Today I’m beginning a journey of my very own.
To be honest it’s not the first time I have ever attempted this kind of thing in my life, but today I feel very different about my capabilities of achieving such a task.
I have chosen 90 days as my time period to conduct such a journey, mainly because i think around three months is the perfect time to achieve not only long term goals, but also to get new habits fully ingrained into my life!
I agree that such a time frame is very daunting as I am sitting here writing this, and now thinking to the future, and now feeling slightly overwhelmed, but, this time I’m not going to let fear of failing get in my way!

Here I am waffling on about a 90 day journey, just now to suddenly realise that I haven’t yet specified to you what I want to achieve.

I want to feel healthier, have more energy, be able to bend down fully without being hindered by my fat getting in the way ( the usual and most common of wants of most people i suppose – at least those of my kinda size).
I want to have the follow through to achieve my goals (that I have had and not achieved in a very long time for no apparent reason at all).
I want to feel happy that I can do a task as soon as it comes up, rather than just procrastinating over it, and then never getting anything done, and then, having a stress fest because I’ve left it too long.
Basically I want to be the best and most efficient version of myself that I can possibly be; a little bit cheesy to say, but it’s the truth!

My main focus at the start of this journey is regular exercise and having an approach to food that is a lot happier for my state of mind than it is now; food and me don’t get on too well when I start restricting my visions towards food, i.e. calorie restriction.
Saying this though, I do want to lose some fat off of my body, but I don’t want to obsess over it. I want it to be a happy journey of consciously eating food I know is good for me, and then having foods that just taste sooooooooo yummy, on less occasions.

With this I suppose I should do what anyone should do at the start of a fitness journey, and that is, take some measurements and such…

My measurements.

My start date is Today (29th July 2020), and I’ll be keeping you updated DAILY, so make sure to keep in touch.

Much love,

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