90 Day Journey

Day 2 out of 90

Today was a bit of a weird one. I think my timings for my 90 day journey was a little off as I have been extremely busy, and have had family over, so obviously that means there is a lot of food in the house etc.

Also, Day 2 I went to a wake as my boyfriend’s father had passed away, so I did drink some red wine, and I wasn’t able to count calories for the day.

I have to admit tho, If I was attempting this journey on my own, then I would have probably been upset with myself and said, ‘I’ll start again tomorrow’, but because I am doing this journey on my website, and with my friend Barbie, I didn’t have that mentality, and I’m very grateful for that.

I had also planned to do a workout yesterday for my Les Mill combat challenge I set for myself yesterday, but I didn’t get around to it. This would be another thing that would stress me out usually, but there was no time to fit it in; I did go for a walk with my kids and dogs tho, so it wasn’t all that bad. And tomorrow is another day!

Breakfast: 2 pieces of bread and butter with cheese and gherkins.
Lunch: Left over red curry and rice.
Dinner: Burger (cheese, burger sauce, tomato ketchup) with crispy potatoes.
Drinks: Tea and red wine (a few glasses).

Here is the calorie breakdown (kinda):

So I think Day 2 went pretty well considering the circumstances, and I’m actually quite happy!! Looking forward to Day 3!

Much Love,

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