90 Day Journey

Day 3 out of 90

Today went really well! I still had family over at my house so food was a main focus again, but I didn’t overeat at all, and I’m very happy about that!

Today was also the day that I did my first Les Mills combat of the week. I have to admit, after not doing any form of high intensity cardio in months, I did struggle, but I just lowered my intensity so that I could get the 30 minutes done without being totally shot at the end.

It looks like I didn’t sweat AT ALL in this photo, but me being me, I had picked one that had 5 mins ab workout at the end, so I had cooled down slightly towards then end.

(Don’t ask what face I’m pulling here, cos to be honest, I wouldn’t be able to tell ya lol).

With my food again today, I wasn’t able to calorie count but I did take a photo of most of the things that I ate:

So again, I’m pretty happy with how today went, and now I have one Les Mills combat down this week, now 3 to go!

Much love,

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