Yoga Journey

Hi everyone!

So guess what…
From 1st August 2020 I’ve decided to do Yoga for 30 days straight. Every morning before my family are up out of bed, I’m going to roll out my gorgeously new yoga mat, sit my buttocks upon it, and resume the NAMASTE pose.

I have chosen to do the DEDICATE series from Yoga with Adrienne; I absolutely love her as she is very calming and positive in her manner.
Anyways, underneath is the link to the series if you are interested in taking on the journey with me (if you do, let me know in the comments and we can cheer each other on).

Today is DAY 1 for me, and I will do it EVERY DAY until the whole series is completed.

There are some things that I am expecting some positive changes to happen by the end (well, I at least hope that I would get some benefits from a yoga programme). Of course I would LOVE to become a little more flexible than I am at the moment, and I’m expecting to feel different from the breathing techniques and such that are used in Yoga (I don’t quite know HOW I will feel different, or even if I will, but I’m gona give it a good old go anyway!)

I will update you on how my journey went after Day 30; I may post some updates on my social media, so make sure to follow those if you want to keep up to date (you can find the links to these on the top right of the page).

Good luck if you are going to take on the challenge as well.

Here is the link for the series:

Much love,


  • Rebecca Green

    Hey Natalie! I’m a few days late to start but I’m going to take on this challenge with you! I have absolutely been meaning to get on a yoga kick but have been putting it off. Not anymore!

  • Nicholas H

    Dedicate is such an amazing series! I really loved Adriene’s Home series as well which was my first 30-day yoga journey back in June/July. I have fallen in love with yoga as a result and it has changed my life!

    I hope your challenge went really well! Keep up the amazing work. You are truly an inspiration!

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