90 Day Journey

Day 7 out of 90

So this is it! The first week of my journey has been completed, and I have to say I’m very happy about it.
I’m not gona lie to you all though, I did have a very rough day 7, I was feeling quite down about some stuff, and I did struggle to get things done.
Because of this I only managed to get my yoga done, I did not complete my mini weekly challenge of Les Mills 3 times this week, I only did 2.
To be very honest though, I’m just happy that I managed to get the yoga done, that was a very big achievement for me.

Also, I didn’t eat well at all today, but I do have pics for you (and i did eat more than pictured of dinner). So here is day 7 food:

I have noticed from taking photos of my food this week, it does revolve around bread a lot. I do really enjoy bread, but this is a little excessive lol.

I think this week has opened my eyes a lot. I need to review my food as I am not eating the best that I can be. I Have definitely been more active this week with the yoga, Les Mills and tap dancing, and I think that has helped me in some way (not quite sure yet, but I’m sure that I will figure it out!

My measurements etc will be on tomorrows post so make sure to keep an eye out for that! I’m not expecting any change though because of my eating habits, but I’m staying positive in the realisation that change is on it’s way!

Much Love,

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