90 Day Journey

Day 8, 9 & 10 out of 90

I have slacked a little with posts so far this week.
I felt unmotivated at the end of the first week, not because of my journey, but because some old memories came up and I got sad. I let these feelings take over a little, but I did manage to pull through.

I’ll share what I ate with you simply because I am being transparent with you all. It’s not the best because we did have company at our house again, and food is where I fall down in journeys like this.

Here is Wednesday’s food:

I did do my yoga today as well, which I was very happy to get through! Still going with my 30 day yoga journey!

Here is Thurday’s food:

Today was the worst I have been at logging food with photos lol. Today was the day our friend arrived so we spent all night gaming and just chilling out, so food logging wasn’t at the forefront of my mind. I am allowing myself these days.
I did Les Mills Combat #77 today as well as yoga, and I have to say, I’m getting that urge to do it again as I’m really enjoying it again, even though I do really ache the day after lol.

And here is Friday’s food:

Please excuse the half eaten food here, I was hungry and forgot to take the photo beforehand. Hopefully the breakdown helps a bit.

I’m thinking of maybe having a treat day once a week, as I’m thinking that maybe it would be some incentive for me to eat as clean as possible throughout the week, and then eat some junk at the weekend. Does anyone else do this? I want some opinions lol 😛

Our friend leaves today, so I will have more time to keep logging my posts! I’m not giving up though everyone, I’m still going even though I have had delays!!!

Much Love,

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