90 Day Journey

Day 11 out of 90

I have now decided that I’m going to eat some sort of fruit or veg at every meal. I need to up the amount that I eat, and rather than saying I’ll eat my ‘5 a day’, this is a better option for me.
This does mean though, that I have to start eating some sort of raw vegetables, and I can’t stand them lol. I like cooked vegetables, but haven’t trained myself to like raw.
It also means that I should start eating fruit, but again, I’m not too keen on fruit lol; but hey ho, I’ve got this!

I did Les Mills Combat again today. I felt a little drained, I don’t know if it’s because of the hot weather, but I did it anyways, 30 minutes worth. I have a confession to make though. Today I was short on time, so I picked to do Les Mills over yoga. I don’t know if that was the right thing to do, bit I was really in the mood to do combat. So I will make up for it by doing an hour of yoga tomorrow. Today’s yoga was a cosy yoga (i love those ones), so I know I will have 30 minutes ish of nice relaxing stretches!

I tried a lot harder with food today, with adding fruit or vegetables to every meal I had, and I’m proud of myself for that. I know the quantities ain’t enough, but baby steps are being taken, and I don’t want to rush anything.

So my food today looked like this:

I still haven’t been counting calories, maybe it will be something I do in the future if I don’t lose any fat from my body. I also want to point out that something I ate earlier in the day did bloat me massively, so I need to find out what that was for future reference lol.

All in all, today was good, and I’m happy!!

Much love,

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