90 Day Journey

Day 14 – 18

Hi everyone!

So what do I say?
The past few days I have gone off track. My hormones have been playing havoc and I have just been on a bit of a downer. I would try and sugar coat it as I don’t want to come across as negative AT ALL, but I haven’t had a good few days unfortunately!
Also, it has been my time where hormones don’t like me so much anyways lol, and I always seem to have a few bad days around this time. I can’t get much done around this time, and I just need to accept that I won’t get half the amount of things accomplished as I would like. Maybe I should plan for these days better? I do have 90 days in this journey, So i’ll do some planning for next month, and we can have an update lol.

Today is Sunday (day 19) and I know full well that I won’t be eating well today, but more of that will come tomorrow!!

I hope you are all well, and that me sharing this downbeat information may help you out in someway. Maybe you get like I do and me sharing gives you some comfort! I know that I would feel better!

Also, my kids start their new school day tomorrow and I’m still quite nervous for them, I hope it all goes well and that they have fun and make new friends!

Not gona blabber on today as I want to spend some time with my babies before school (even though they have been off school since the beginning of March!). I’m gona miss them lol.

Anyways, I hope you all have a great day!

Much love,


  • Benjamin Robinson

    Its always good when people share downbeat information. It makes people like me, understand that its not just us, who have off days; I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety for close to 20 years . I think i’m going to start my 90 days tomorrow. I’ve got a rice cooker and steamer turning up today, so i can start having steamed food again, and i also think i’m going to go back to being Pescatarian again. Hopefully this and your posts will be the motivation I need to firstly get my health in order and secondly get my photography back on track 🙂

    Also Good luck on your 90 days, 18 days down, 72 to go, you can do this 🙂

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