90 Day Journey

Day 24

Yesterday I decided that I was going to start eating well. I’m going to eat well throughout the week and then at the weekend I will have some cheat meals. I managed to do les mills combat and yoga on Day 23, and Day 24 I did my yoga (still going with the 30 day yoga journey!)

Above in the pink boxes are the meals that I have chosen to have gorgeous yummy food in it. Thursdays I’ll have soup and pancakes (a tradition), Fridays are ‘cosy’ evenings so we have at home picnics and chill infront of the tv, and Sundays we have croissants for breakfast and my daughter does some baking, so we eat the sweet food she has made.
The rest of the time I will be eating sensibly for losing weight, and I’m hoping that this will kick start my fat loss.

Now that my kids have started back at school, I’m going to start up my youtube channel again. Let me know what sort of videos you would like to see on there. I’m going to do workout videos. Maybe I could write a programme for peeps to follow along with? Would love to see what you all think!

So for day 24 I ate:

I am trying my hardest to not feel guilty about what I ate yesterday, but I have to admit that the conditioning from external influences does get to me, and not in a good way. I feel bad for eating tacos and sweets, which is absolutely stupid, and very annoying. But, I am going to stick to these days and eat well on all the other meals.
Oh and also, the eating fruit and veg at every meal hasn’t gone too well lol, but I’m going to keep soldiering on and prove to myself that I’ve got this!!

I’m going to be able to focus more now that my kids are in school and I now have time in the day. Sorry it’s been patchy, but life does get in the way at times, and I’m just happy I keep picking myself up and carrying on!

I hope that you are all doing good with your journeys!!
Thank you for being here!!!!

Much love,

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  • Benjamin Robinson

    I’ve actually managed to spend my first week eating pretty healthy, I’ve been mainly having Soya or Fish with Vegetables plus either noodles/rice, I have had a few snacks tho 😞 I haven’t lost any weight yet but i didn’t really expect to, as your body has to adapt to new eating patterns plus i didn’t get to where i am now overnight, so i’m not going to be able to reverse it overnight. Now I think I need to start doing some exercise, some videos of low impact exercises that can be done in small areas would be useful 🙂 plus a weekly exercise programme would be nice

    Keep up the good work Nat ❤️ your doing an amazing job 😊 and remember never feel guilty about yesterday, feel positive about tomorrow and where your going

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