90 Day Journey


Hi everyone!

It’s been a while and I’m sorry for that. Life has got in the way this past week or so and that of course means that I lost my rhythm, and haven’t done anything towards my goals.
Saying that that though, I kinda set myself up for failure because I didn’t really give myself any real goals!

I think for now I need to revisit what I am actually looking to achieve, and then set down some solid goals so that I have something to work towards!

Looking at this journey that I have embarked up until now, I realise that I have put too much pressure on myself and I have become overwhelmed, which really sux!

And it’s because of this that I have decided that I want to restart my 90 day journey! Without sounding like a proper downer lol, I haven’t had the best start because of home circumstances mainly, and I haven’t found my groove.
I want to restart this journey with a solid plan and solid rules to follow and adapt (but not relax) as this is supposed to be a journey that helps me, not stresses me out (something i need to work on :P).

I hope that you don’t feel like I have let you down in anyway, this is a hiccup along my life journey, and I’m going to work on my goals this coming week and restart my journey when that list is complete.
I hope that you all understand and take something from this; you must plan out your journey so that you have a clear vision of your goals and how you will track them.

Hopefully you can all learn from me and PLAN PLAN PLAN!!!

This was a difficult decision to make, but I believe in the long one that it is the right decision!!

I will let you all know when I am restarting very soon!

Much love,
Natalie xxx


  • DeSay

    I think you’ve been through a ton lately with moving, getting kids settled, getting yourself settled, and what I assume is moving in with your boyfriend (which can be an adjustment in itself!) that you need to give yourself some grace. You are restarting (and helping your kids restart) and you need a rhythm and routine before you can do something as drastic as you are trying to accomplish. Once you establish yourself in your new space and things settle down, then you can tackle this 90 day journey with a clearer vision for what you want for yourself. Cheers to you!

  • Nicholas

    You’re an inspiration Natalie! No matter what, you can ALWAYS restart and get yourself motivated. it is never too late to start that journey. I’ve lost 125 lbs over the last year and a half or so, and even when I plateau and stall out periodically I remember how far I’ve come and that sometimes you need to step back, re-center yourself, and tackle it all over again.

    I wish you very much luck in your life and with your goals. Love following you here and on your Hermitcraft series. Stay healthy and stay safe! 🙂

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