12 Week Journey

12 Week Journey

Hi everyone!!

Monday 10th May marks the start of my 12 WEEK JOURNEY!
I’m both excited and nervous about this journey as my track record for sticking to things like this is quite bad lol.
But i am approaching this journey A LOT DIFFERENTLY.

I am NOT going to stress myself out with having too much on my plate to begin with.

I am going to be documenting my journey on YouTube on a weekly basis, and I will upload them on a Sunday so that you know when to expect the uploads 😛

My plan is that for 12 weeks I am going to be working on goals that I have had for the past year or so, but I will implement them into my life in increments. So for example, Week 1 I will be eating a calorie controlled diet, and moving my body EVERYDAY.
I haven’t started this at the best time of the month for me (Ladies should catch my drift with this lol) but if I don’t commit to it now I never will!

I will keep you updated here and on YouTube, but if you would like to follow along with me as well, then I do have a discord where we can support each other as a group. There is also some other things there that you may enjoy!

Here is the invite link: https://discord.gg/FU88VCWsNN

I’m so excited for the journey ahead of us, and I’m looking forward to doing it along with all of you!

Much Love,
Nat <3

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