I’m so excited to be starting a challenge/journey this month with the gorgeous Work it Out community.
I have always wanted a place to meet up with like minded people who want to achieve personal goals.
Making time for yourself and taking time to work towards goals is both hard and easy at the same time.
You know what you want (which is the easy part), but sometimes it can get hard along the road, and having our community there for back up is an amazing comfort <3

This month we have chosen a fitness goal to pursue, but it isn’t limited to fitness.

If you would like to join us in the Work it Out community then please click here for a Discord link (please be aware that you will have to sign up to Discord first – which is free), we would love to see you there 🙂

When September has ended, I will write a follow up post with how it the journey was for me, so if you’re interested to read through my experiences, then make sure to visit the site again then! I may even post some updates throughout the month as well 😛

Again, if you would like to join us then make sure to click the link above.

Talk to u soon,
Nat <3

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