It didn’t go to plan – Week 1

Monday morning and I was ready and raring to go.

I woke up, got my two eldest kids off to school, and then went straight to my garage (where I have set up a gym area for myself), and pressed play on the Yoga with Adriene video that I was doing for the day.
My littlest was off from school as she had a belly ache, and said she felt sick from the day before, so she was resting and watching tv.

I was so hyped to begin my 6 month journey towards my ‘being fit’ goal and felt very happy to be actively working towards it.
My goal for the day was to do yoga, ‘push’ weights and go for two walks (only short 15 mins ones to walk our dogs).
So after I did my yoga, I followed a plan that I have written for myself.
The plan is for a beginner as I haven’t lifted weights in over SIX YEARS, and need to get back into the groove of things.

Here is my push workout:

To start with I am doing 3 sets of 12 repetitions, and I started with 3KG dumbbells for number 2, 3, 5 and 6, and for 4 and 7 i used 4KG Dumbbells.
I also decided to do them in a circuit style. I did one exercise straight after the other, then had a rest at the end of the round, then started the exercises all over again. I did this three times.

I have to admit though, when I think about lifting weights, all I can think about is how boring it is. Because I do it at home, usually on my own (unless one of my kids pop in to keep me company), and to me, a bore. I used to lift weights in a gym, and that is so much more fun than at home as you have people around you, and it’s just the environment in general usually gets you hyped up. But yea, me with my 3 sets of dumbbells in my garage, trying to act like I’m a pro lol, just aint for me. So until I get in that frame of mind and until it’s a habit, I will have to just do the grind, and wait for the hype to come.

And whilst I’m doing that grind, I have found the perfect accompaniment…

I accidently pressed play on Lost the other day, and because of this accident (that of course was a definite accident), I have now been hooked. But the beauty of weights and not following along with a video etc, then that means I can get my fix of Lost, and rip up my muscles in the hope that they grow.

I had completed my workouts for the morning and went for a walk in the afternoon. Took in the beautiful sky and the crisp air, and enjoyed time with daughter and dogs.

One of my goals for these six months is to go outside more. Travel around more to different sights in my area. I haven’t travelled much since moving, and I want to explore my area more outside of my town. I have lost touch with myself and my wants in life. Corona, lockdown and gaining weight, has all taken a toll on me and I want to reverse that.

Talking of corona…

It’s a faint but ‘there’ positive

So yea…
Monday evening I started to feel a bit unwell. It started with a headache (it was one of those ‘I know that I am going to be ill now’ headaches), and then that night I had the shivers. I woke up at 3am needing to put more clothes on, ergh, it was minging. I took a ibuprofen tablet but couldn’t get back to sleep. Then I woke up at 4am dripping in sweat as a result of me adding extra clothing from the shivers before lol.

Tuesday I felt worse. I now had a sore throat, a cough, a lot of phlegm (sorry) stuck in my throat and started to get a snotty (again, sorry) nose.

My faint positive was then confirmed by a PCR test that myself and my youngest took. She also got a positive test. It really sucked.
This whole time we had been so careful, I have had my two vaccinations (she hasn’t as she is only 9), and yet, we are now have it. I must have caught it from her, as her first symptom was feeling sick and then a sore throat, and this was on Sunday and Monday for her.

My other daughter then tested positive on Thursday.

My boyfriend and son have both tested negative, and we have all been isolating in our own rooms. My boyfriend and I have also been in different rooms, and so far so good. So hopefully they both don’t catch it from us.
Friday I lost my taste and smell. This makes me so sad. I still don’t have those senses back and my nose isn’t that bunged up anymore. I’m assuming I will have that for a while now according to other people’s experiences.
I suppose that will be good for my eating habits though lol. I won’t be over eating on foods that taste good.

It’s Sunday as I’m writing this (6 days after my first symptoms started), and I’m feeling much better. I haven’t suffered from the symptoms at all. I feel a little out of breath when I move around, and I feel a little congested, but apart from that I’m good. So I’m thankful for that.

So as far as exercise goes… I haven’t done any. I have obviously had to isolate, and I haven’t felt well enough. I’m hopeful that tomorrow I won’t be as out of breath, and I was going to try some Yin Yoga, but I will see how I feel and take it day by day.
My food has been very plain. My boyfriend took over dinner duty, and I haven’t been very hungry as I haven’t been moving that much lol.

So my week has been very boring, and a little lonely if I’m honest. I’ve hated not cuddling my family, I look forward to that day!

I will continue with my journey regardless. This week has still been my Week 1 even though it was a bad one lol.

If you are on a journey and want some extra support, I have a discord group that does just that. In the community menu above, you can find the link.

So, Week 1 complete. On to Week 2!

Much love,

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