February Monthly Journey

In our Work it Out community, each month we go on a fitness journey together.
Each month is different, and it is a small enough task that easily fits into your daily life.

Starting 1st February, we are going to be growing our glutes.
For 28 days the aim is to commit to a glute specific exercise each day.

We are going to be doing these exercises:

Monday – Donkey kick
Tuesday – Squats
Wednesday – Fire hydrant
Thursday – Curtsy lunge
Friday – Glute bridge
Saturday – Static side lunges
Sunday – Lying side leg lift

If you are interested in joining us this month, and finding out the repetitions and other specific details, then you can visit our Community menu and follow the instructions to join our Discord group.
You can then register your participation in the February Journey once you are in our Work it Out chat.

I am going to be incorporating these exercises into my 6 month journey (if you don’t know what I am doing, you can find it here).

Would love to see you over in our discord and take part on the journey with us.

Also, if you would like to support the development of our group financially, you can find out more details on our Patreon Page.
If you pledge, you will get a dedicated channel in our Discord specifically for Patrons, and you get extra support with the Journey.

Much love,

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