Progress stand still – Week 2

Hello everyone!

I hope that you are all well 🙂


What can I say about my week 2 progress…
Well not much really lol.


It wasn’t until Thursday that I got this:


Finally a Negative Covid test!

Since Monday last week i had been ill with Covid, and I spent until last Thursday isolating in my bedroom. It really sucked tbh, but I did it to make sure the uninfected family members in my household didn’t get it; we were successful with that as well, they didn’t get it, and that’s made me happy!!


So in terms of my Journey progress, I haven’t worked out at all, even to this day (Sunday). I haven’t felt 100% yet, and I’ve not wanted to risk making myself feel worse.
I’m sure that this week I will feel good enough to workout again, and I can’t wait until that day!


In my next blog post, I’m sure I will have much more to update you with in regards to my Journey, so make sure to check back Sunday 6th February for that 🙂
I’m very eager to get back to working out, and getting fitter!


Also, the Work it Out Community 30 day Journey is starting on 1st February.
If you want to join then you can visit the Community Menu above and follow the instructions there.

If you would like to sign up to Patreon on get extra support through your journey on our Patron ONLY Discord group, as well as added benefits in our Book club and Spiritual chats, then you can sign up here:
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Talk to you next week, or in our Work it Out Discord!


Much love,

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