Tarot Card Spread for 5th July 2022

Spiritsong Tarot Deck

Past – Three of Crystals

Collaboration and Productivity
You have a clear plan of actions and you are set out to accomplish all that you have set out to achieve.
Make use of the team that you have around you, and use the collaborations to help you to get that which you want.
Be curious, be conscious, be capable.
People around you that are like-minded can help with making dreams come true.

Present – Seven of Crystals

Options and Results
You are able to achieve your goals by overcoming any blocks that you may face.
Staying level-headed and finding solutions to any problems and making the best decision for yourself.
Remember to remain patient and don’t lose sight of all that you have already achieved.
You have got this, just concentrate on what works for you and stay confident in your abilities to get what you want.

Past – 14. Temperance

Balance and Harmony
You can find balance in your life by staying self disciplined and making sure to tackle any problems that may arise with kindness and by being calm.
Challenges are there to provide you with a chance to grow and develop.
Remember to take your time when it comes to making decisions and allow time to adapt to any new situation.
Healing comes from finding balance.

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