Hello everyone!

My name is Natalie and i’m a qualified Personal Trainer who has let myself get unfit (unfortunately lol). I absolutely love everything about keeping fit, it’s been a love of mine for over 10 years (hence why i decided to become certified in it 😛 ).

I have a goal for 2019 and that is to get fit (again)!

My website is a place of my own personal fitness goals, broadcast form the very START! And you can follow me on my journey, or you can decide to take on your own journey aswell!!

Make sure to check out the community forum and my social media. Ill be posting updates etc on those, as well as here! Ill post my daily calories and workouts, probably twice a week in a bulked post, so that I stay accountable and transparent through the process. Im not going to hide things if i muck up or hit an obstacle, i will share it all!

Thank you for being here and taking the time to visit my website.

Natalie <3