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    WORK IT OUT JOURNEY I’m so excited to be starting a challenge/journey this month with the gorgeous Work it Out community.I have always wanted a place to meet up with like minded people who want to achieve personal goals.Making time for yourself and taking time to work towards goals is both hard and easy at the same time.You know what…

  • Workouts

    10 minute Strength Workout for Beginners

    Hello everyone! Today I have a Beginner strength workout for you!Low impact workout designed especially for beginners. An easy starting point for your fitness journey! Forward/backward lunge, squat with biceps curl Straight leg deadlift with row to side lunge (alternating) Squat thrusts 10 leg flutters to 10 crunges with legs lifted 2 rounds Hope you all enjoy! Much Love,Natalie

  • Workouts

    15 minutes HIIT Workout

    Hi everyone! Today I have for you a 15 minute workout for you that gets your whole body moving. 3 rounds of 5 exercises: Wood chop Skull crushers with crunch Wood chop 10 high knees, 10 mountain climbers Push ups with alternate single arm row Remember to warm up and cool down! Much love,Natalie