Hello everyone and welcome to my site!

Here we are going to be posting content regarding fitness and health and many other things related to reaching specific goals related to those things. I for example have a few goals that i am wanting to reach and that’s why i have developed a BRAND NEW website, just so i can document EVERYTHING that i go through whilst working towards my goal.

So, if you’re in the same boat as me and you have a fitness goal, or a weight loss goal, or an eating better goal (or any type of goal) then we can go through this process together (if you want to join me, or you can just be a silent part of the process – totally up to you!)

I have a COMMUNITY page which is linked to a forum, where you will be able to talk to others, and to myself. If you need some extra support because you are struggling or you want to share how proud you are of yourself, that’s where you can share it. (you will get an e-mail from ‘stressmonster101’ after you have signed up! That’s me so don’t worry).

I personally will be sharing my workouts, my food intake, and my progress with you. Absolutely everything! This is a little scary if im perfectly honest, but i’m going to conquer my fear and put it all out there (warts n all lol) and hopefully I can encourage others, such as yourself, to have to courage to also beat fear and start a process that will change your life!

So here it goes! The beginning is now.

Let’s do this peeps! We got this <3

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