• 90 Day Journey


    Hi everyone! It’s been a while and I’m sorry for that. Life has got in the way this past week or so and that of course means that I lost my rhythm, and haven’t done anything towards my goals.Saying that that though, I kinda set myself up for failure because I didn’t really give myself any real goals! I think for now I need to revisit what I am actually looking to achieve, and then set down some solid goals so that I have something to work towards! Looking at this journey that I have embarked up until now, I realise that I have put too much pressure on myself…

  • 90 Day Journey

    Day 24

    Yesterday I decided that I was going to start eating well. I’m going to eat well throughout the week and then at the weekend I will have some cheat meals. I managed to do les mills combat and yoga on Day 23, and Day 24 I did my yoga (still going with the 30 day yoga journey!) Above in the pink boxes are the meals that I have chosen to have gorgeous yummy food in it. Thursdays I’ll have soup and pancakes (a tradition), Fridays are ‘cosy’ evenings so we have at home picnics and chill infront of the tv, and Sundays we have croissants for breakfast and my daughter…

  • 90 Day Journey

    Day 19 & 20

    Sunday is always a day that I like to rest. I’m not religious so I don’t do it for that reason, I do it because I like to have lazy days. I enjoy a good old lazy day.I need to to recoup-orate and to be around for my kids if they need me. Sunday is also the day that we have croissants for breakfast. I love a croissant, especially the freshly baked ones that we have in the morning. I also do some baking with my daughter Jessica today. I asked each one of my children what activity that they would like to do with me; Jess chose baking, Zach…

  • 90 Day Journey

    Day 14 – 18

    Hi everyone! So what do I say?The past few days I have gone off track. My hormones have been playing havoc and I have just been on a bit of a downer. I would try and sugar coat it as I don’t want to come across as negative AT ALL, but I haven’t had a good few days unfortunately!Also, it has been my time where hormones don’t like me so much anyways lol, and I always seem to have a few bad days around this time. I can’t get much done around this time, and I just need to accept that I won’t get half the amount of things accomplished…

  • 90 Day Journey

    Day 12 & 13 of 90

    I feel like my hormones are trying to sabotage me. I’ve not had a good few days unfortunately, and I blame them lol.I did yoga on day 12 as it was cosy yoga and I knew that would be an easy one for me, but day 13, I didn’t do it.I had an extremely busy day on day 13. We went shopping for my kids school clothes as they start a new school on Monday. I’m a little nervous of them starting a new school as it’s very different to their old schools, and they don’t really know the language. I know deep down they are going to be fine,…

  • 90 Day Journey

    Day 11 out of 90

    I have now decided that I’m going to eat some sort of fruit or veg at every meal. I need to up the amount that I eat, and rather than saying I’ll eat my ‘5 a day’, this is a better option for me.This does mean though, that I have to start eating some sort of raw vegetables, and I can’t stand them lol. I like cooked vegetables, but haven’t trained myself to like raw.It also means that I should start eating fruit, but again, I’m not too keen on fruit lol; but hey ho, I’ve got this! I did Les Mills Combat again today. I felt a little drained,…

  • 90 Day Journey

    Day 8, 9 & 10 out of 90

    I have slacked a little with posts so far this week. I felt unmotivated at the end of the first week, not because of my journey, but because some old memories came up and I got sad. I let these feelings take over a little, but I did manage to pull through. I’ll share what I ate with you simply because I am being transparent with you all. It’s not the best because we did have company at our house again, and food is where I fall down in journeys like this. Here is Wednesday’s food: I did do my yoga today as well, which I was very happy to…

  • 90 Day Journey

    Week 1 Weigh in

    Week 1 is over and it’s been a journey of learning!I’ve enjoyed giving myself mini challenges this week and I’m going to carry on doing that every week! So here is the whole breakdown of food and training for the week: I have noticed that I definitely need to start eating better as one of my goals is too lose some weight, and all the exercise in the world will not outdo eating back. Here is my weight data as well: As you can see the first week doesn’t look good for the whole data and stuff, but again, this is because I haven’t been watching what I eat.I’m not…

  • Workouts

    10 minute Strength Workout for Beginners

    Hello everyone! Today I have a Beginner strength workout for you!Low impact workout designed especially for beginners. An easy starting point for your fitness journey! Forward/backward lunge, squat with biceps curl Straight leg deadlift with row to side lunge (alternating) Squat thrusts 10 leg flutters to 10 crunges with legs lifted 2 rounds Hope you all enjoy! Much Love,Natalie

  • 90 Day Journey

    Day 7 out of 90

    So this is it! The first week of my journey has been completed, and I have to say I’m very happy about it.I’m not gona lie to you all though, I did have a very rough day 7, I was feeling quite down about some stuff, and I did struggle to get things done. Because of this I only managed to get my yoga done, I did not complete my mini weekly challenge of Les Mills 3 times this week, I only did 2.To be very honest though, I’m just happy that I managed to get the yoga done, that was a very big achievement for me. Also, I didn’t…