Work it Out Community

Hi everyone!

If you want to join the Work it out Patreon, and gain access to the Work it Out Discord Community, then you can click HERE to find the link.

We have 3 different groups in our Discord group:

1. Work it out Journey.
A monthly fitness based journey, where every month is different. You will gain extra support (from me personally) towards completing the Journey of the Month.
I will also help to motivate you towards achieving any personal goals that you may have by sending you weekly motivation and checking in with you on a regular basis!
We also have daily checklists to help keep you accountable for your goals, and a warm and welcoming Patron only Discord chat.

2. Book Club
In our Book Club we take it in turns to pick a Book that we would like to read for the Month, and we then have a video call towards the end of the month to discuss the book (and have a general catch up aswell 😛 )

3. Spiritual
In our Spiritual section of our Discord, we learn a Tarot card a week, with Pictures of the cards and their descriptions, we have Oracle cards, and New and Full Moon journal prompts!

If you are interested in joining our FREE Work it Out Discord Community, then you can also find the link for it HERE.

The links above will take you to my Linktree, and there you can find the link labelled ‘Work it Out Discord’.
(There are also links to my other social platforms if you fancy checking them out).

If you don’t have a Discord account then you can sign up HERE and then click the link above!

We look forward to seeing you there!